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✨😱Petrified Pumpkins🎃✨

Make use of your decorative pumpkins or squash (Cucurbitaceae) with this recipe sure to make healthy food fun and warm even the ghoulish of ghouls this Halloween!

😱Pumpkin prep:

  1. Off with their heads!

  2. Pull out their guts! - Note: Prepare your chilli before step 3 as they can cook together ;)

  3. Smother them in oil and toss them into the fire! (Just kidding, the oven)


  1. Get choppy 🔪 with 1 onion and colourful peppers!

  2. 🔥 Hot as hell, sizzle the onions then add @vivavivera plant mince (🌎‘S hot enough without meat!)

  3. 😈Add paprika, chilli powder, garlic powder, oregano, celery salt, cumin powder and a squeeze of lemon for flavour fireworks 💥

  4. Add the colourful chopped peppers.

  5. Drain, rinse and add some kidneys (beans)

  6. Add a tin of bloody tomatoes (plum or chopped) and rinse the tin with water, adding this water to the mix.

  7. Bring your cauldron to the boil, then stir, cover and toss it into the fire (I mean oven) with the ghouls heads (pumpkin/squash) for one hour on 180c.

  8. Let it all rest for 5 mins. Carve the eyes and mouth. Spoon the chilli into the ghouls heads and let it ooze out.... enjoy!


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