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✨An Udder Way to do MILK✨

I ran out of milk and decided to make my own. It was so good I thought I’d share!

Ingredients, method and of course the science below.


  • 1 cup of oats

  • A handful of nuts (I had almonds and walnuts so used them but you can experiment- if I wanted sweeter milk I’d use cashews.

  • Water


  1. Blend Oats, Nuts and water

  2. Sieve out and separate the paste from the milk. I kept the paste and have plans for it (probably cookies!)

  3. Pour your milk into a glass bottle (you’ll need a lid of some sort).

  4. Refrigerate and consume within 5 days (if it lasts that long 😋) don’t forget to shake it before use!

And now for...

💥 The Science: (Clements et al; 2019)

✅ Plant milk requires nuts, seeds or legumes blended with water, creating aqueous suspensions of oil bodies (fatty oils suspended in water)

✅ Homogenisation:

Oats act as the emulsifier (they have a ‘water-loving’ end and an ‘oil-loving’ end) bringing it together. That said, if it sits for long there will be a degree of separation between the heavier particles so shake before use!

This recipe beats

  • ❌Artificial insemination

  • ❌Calf abduction

  • ❌Processing for ‘safe’ consumption

  • ❌ Allergies, illnesses & diseases

  • ❌Increased risk of zoonotic diseases (covid is a zoonotic)

  • ❌the environmental cost to our only home 🌎

Making your own PB milk is

  • ✅ Faster

  • ✅ Better for environment

  • ✅ Cruelty free

  • ✅ Healthier

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