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Hi, I'm Tiffany, the founder of Wild Little Wallace.

I'm an innovative and passionate communicator in plant, environmental and animal sciences. 

I'm a scientist and conservationist with a Master's degree in Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement, and a degree in Ecology and Conservation. 

Like many, throughout my career, I've been told I need to focus my interests, experience and qualifications into one niche which should define the direction of my profession. My specialism is plants, as flora and fauna are an interwoven into the lives of almost every creature on the planet. This is why this intrinsic topic became my focus, as I have a love for all wildlife and in my view this is the part that connects it all together.

With this being said, how is it possible when you have a broad love for nature and the desire to create a better future for our planet, our wildlife and us by focusing on only one area. With so many different pieces we need in place to effectively combat climate change and reverse the decline of biodiversity, I find it limiting to fight for a single cause.

As a result, I created Wild Little Wallace. A platform for not just my voice, but the voice of many who are advocating for immediate action, voices from various backgrounds with differing experience. A combined voice is more powerful than just one - and it also provides the opportunity for me to diversify the areas I can help with.

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I want to bring awareness and work with likeminded businesses and people across the following categories. If this interests you please get in touch here.

  • Blogs to raise awareness about wildlife, climate change and sustainability. As a scientist, I always go the distance to make sure my blogs are backed up with research and official facts and figures.

  • Working with people and businesses to rewild areas of Norfolk to help with nature recovery, such as my recent project with the King's Head pub in Hethersett with Roots and Shoots Norfolk.

  • Reviews and experiences of plant-based products, services, foods and restaurants

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I am a scientist and conservationist; a Youth Education Leader in Sustainability and Conservation (@rootsandshootsnorfolk), a Researcher and Campaigner for @orangutanalliance @enviroeducate and Program Coordinator for @janegoodalluk 

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