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Marine biologists, zoologists, conservationists, scientists, photographers, actors, presenters, digital marketers, designers, illustrators, our mentors are getting ready to support you in your career! 

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What would you tell your younger self about your career?

The answer I usually get is "Not to hold myself back- to go for it, and get on with it" 

What if you could rewind and do it again? What would you repeat, what would you delete? What would you take your time up with instead? Did you have support? Or were you alone in your ambitions? 

Would you be willing to share this with upcoming naturalists, conservationists, environmentalists, scientists, wildlife filmmakers, writers, journalists, teachers, bloggers? 

I've worked with young people who are passionate to take action with their purpose, for over a decade. In this world of profit, their options are ever more split. Ever-more niche. Ever-more competitive. 

Together, peers and I are creating a platform where opportunity and support are shared, inclusive, and altruistic. 

So many of us have access to a world of information with the internet. However, it is unregulated and exploited for profit. There is a need for a trusted and inclusive space that seeks to provide and share.

WildLittleWallace is a space where experienced, accomplished, trusted mentors can share their experiences and provide resources. 

Collaboration and is key to learning and growing in a world where opportunities, expertise, and privilege vary. 

If you believe you can help add to our growing team, we'd love to hear from you. 

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