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I work freelance with businesses and individuals to facilitate transparency and encourage sustainability, offering:

Academic research for blog pieces, website and product copy.

Marketing and social media strategies, creating campaigns.

Educational and engaging material for young persons, the public and stakeholders. Creation & delivery of workshops and training. 

Streamlining processes, protocols/ workflow/ procedures. 

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Conservationist, Scientist and Eco-Consultant

I have a broad range of experience from teaching young people about the important of nature and how they can help preserve the environment to scientific communications through events such as the Norfolk Science Festival and initiatives including Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots.

With a passion for research, collaboration and self improvement for the good of our planet, I am able to help mentor businesses on a consultancy basis, individuals and children who want to become more wildlife and environmentally-friendly. The areas I cover include:

  • Rewilding advice for transforming your garden into a nature-friendly area

  • Advice for businesses who want to go green

  • Compiling research for brands who want their messaging backed up with science to avoid greenwashing

  • Tutoring for children on how they can help the environment

  • Social media support for companies who want to communicate the efforts they are doing for the environment

If you're interested, please get in touch so we can schedule a call to talk more about how we can help you go greener.

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