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🍃Help us protect a vital reserve for our valued biodiversity🍃

I’ve become a campaign champion to help highlight this very important campaign- and I want to invite you to join me.

Minsmere Nature Reserve is 1,000 hectares and has been managed by the RSPB since 1947!

🆘 However, EDF energy have proposed to build a nuclear power station on the border of this reserve. This poses a significant threat to the wildlife and habitat.

After @davidattenborough's #ALifeOnOurPlanet, we made a promise to do more to protect and rewild where we can. EDF's proposal is a step back from this.

Large energy companies have significant clout to pressure the government - and I am grateful the RSPB are adding their concerns to this proposal. We can add our voices in support of the RSPB and ensure that our British Wildlife and natural habitats have as much clout as possible too!

Minsmere nature reserve is protected because its habitat provides an ideal home for many species. Many of the species are rare such as Watervoles, Beavers, and others. Avocets, Bearded Tits, Bitterns and many, many more important species (we didn’t even cover insects which we heavily rely on!) call Minsmere their home 🥺🥰

@rspbminsmere encompasses habitats such as reed beds, lowland heath, acid & wet grassland, woodland and shingle. Each habitat is absolutely essential for the survival and protection of our wildlife.

❌Without this varied, precious habitat, biodiversity will be lost and carbon sequestering nature reduced. This is something that we simply cannot afford.

↖️ CLICK this link to add your name and help protect @rspbminsmere

♻️SHARE: please share this blog to help us get maximum reach.

Thank you so much for reading this and if you took action - thank you for becoming a campaign champion too!


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