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Open letter calling for a more diverse #COP26 leadership team

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I’m proud to support @SheClimate’s open letter calling for a more diverse #COP26 leadership team.

💥 What is COP26? 💥

Only the biggest summit the UK has hosted yet! Leaders from all over the world will report back and make further commitments to cut emissions as per the Paris Agreement:

✅ reduce amount of harmful greenhouse gases produced

✅ increase renewable energy

✅ ensure limit of 1.5•C is maintained.

✅ review progress every 5 years

✅ allocate $100bn pa in climate finance to help poorer countries by 2020, plus a continuation in the future.

Did you know?

⚠️Climate change disproportionately affects women⚠️

Did you also know?

⚠️ Women are disproportionately represented in our COP26 leader team too (3:1)!!!⚠️

We MUST have diverse leadership to fairly navigate the huge issues we face!

The future we build together has every potential to be better than before.

Join me in supporting @SheClimate

Share this message to ensure #SheChangesClimate.

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